Change In Cyber Security Employment

Episode 148 of Task Force 7

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Seth Adler

As discussed in Why Is Top Cyber Security Talent In Flight? we covered myriad reasons why talent is leaving- one directly being that 19.1% of Mid-Year Survey respondents have reduced staff as a result of the global pandemic.

But also of note, nearly 50% of the CISO community has not changed their approach to cyber security as a result of the global pandemic that has hurdled us all into a 100% remote workforce framework!

What’s top talent to do if the most dramatic societal shift any of us have ever dealt with in our respective lifetimes doesn’t change the strategy? Whether externally imposed, or self-imposed- top cyber security talent are reevaluating employment. 

Episode Recap:

Founder of Jakinda Consulting Mark Konold joins Andy Bonillo for Episode # 148 of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about his blog series Make Change: Take the Long Road. Mark provides valuable advice for those who are experiencing a job impact due to the pandemic. He shares his personal long road to finding meaning at work, the process and support needed to get there, conquering the ups and downs, a preview of his next blog post on "Supporters vs Cheerleaders", and an update on the energy sector and cybersecurity. 

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