Business Enablement By Way Of The BISO

Fannie Mae's BISO, Don Schmidt at the CSHub Fall Summit

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Seth Adler

2020 has been a year of true change for everyone, but particularly the cyber security fuction. Through immediate and sustained CISO response to this year's disruption, boards and CEOs understand the risk that is mitigated by cyber security in a different way.

Business Enablement

Most importantly, those same boards and CEOs along with CISO's themselves now have a better understanding of how business enablement can be augmented or limited by cyber security.
Business enablement happens through a true understanding of the front-line employee experience, mid-level management remit, top-level management strategy and the ultimate enterprise vision. Once achieved, that understanding informs and influences the cyber security budget presented to the Board.
The final mile is then translating that business-inspired budget into a cogent business case for the enterprise.
Join Fannie Mae's BISO, Don Schmidt for this session to know more on:
  • Braiding The Business, InfoSec & Technology together  
  • Working as a translator between the three groups 
  • Reducing and ultimately eliminating Shadow IT 
  • Evangelizing the importance of security throughout the entire enterprise  
  • Driving business enablement every minute of every day