Approaching Resiliency


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Seth Adler

Each organization must ensure that the business has resiliency no matter the disruption. And resiliency doesn't happen unless that organization is secure. As the goal is never accomplished, the CISO then must consistently be approaching resiliency. The CSHub Global Summit actually has a session dedicated to Approaching Resiliency as the first session on the first day. The speaker? Erez Liebermann. Perfectly timed, Erez sat down with TF7.

Episode Overview:

Former Department of Justice Prosecutor Erez Liebermann joins co-host Andy Bonillo to discuss his path as a Federal Prosecutor and provides insights into some of the prolific cases that he prosecuted over his career. Erez gives his perspective into what life was like as a Federal Prosecutor and as a Corporate lawyer. He discusses the key to success in either role as having the working partnerships with the federal agents and the CISO's he worked with in each role. Erez also talks about how cyber crime investigations are marathons that take years to complete as you need to merge a cybercriminals online identity with their real world identity. Basically, how these cases are not solved like the public thinks because they are so used to watching Law and Order. We wrap up the third segment of the show getting his thoughts on advising early career law students on the benefits of public service.

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