An Investment Bubble When Budgets Are Flat Or Down?

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Seth Adler

The Cyber Security Hub continues to share that budgets are flat or down. Please take the Year-End Survey to tell us what's true for you. But the lack of upward momentum of corporate enterprise budgets does not seem to affect the gusto of investment community in regards to cyber security solution provider stock prices.

Episode Overview

General Partner and CTO of Landmark Ventures Mr. Anthony Juliano joins co-host Andy Bonillo on Episode #150 of Task Force 7 Radio to get his opinion on a potential cyber security investment bubble. Anthony also discussed the importance of relationship building, how it has helped his companies succeed during the pandemic, what he looks for in a CEO, and what cyber security problems need more innovation. Anthony also weighs in on China tightening tech export rules in advance of the TikTok deadline. All this and much more on Episode #150 of Task Force 7 Radio.

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