A Relentless Focus On Continuity

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Seth Adler

We highlighted Realtime BCM for GCR, Tom Kartanowicz, Commerzbank’s Americas CISO’s session at the CSHub Financial Services Summit prior to the event. You can see that session on demand now.

Before the event, we noted:

Tom is focused on Business Continuity Management in its truest sense. That Tom realizes that he’s got to manage for disruptions big and small, immediate and long-term, obvious and elusive. Most top-level cyber security executives are built with this mindset. But that Tom is also directly connecting his relentless focus on continuity with a empirical focus on governance, risk management and compliance.

Now that the session has happened, we take the opportunity to provide some lessons learned.

Key Takeaways from the session include:

  • Set The Future Forecast: For business continuity, the plan itself is only the tip of the iceberg. Test that plan, manage that plan and prepare for life after that plan has gone into effect.
  • Supply Chain Threats: We all continue to have third party risk. When was the last time that you reached out to your partners? Have you had conversations with them? Are they up to your safeguards?
  • No Excuses: The level of service has to be pre-COVID. Anything else is not acceptable.
  • Always Be Testing: You only know once you’ve tested. It used to be annual, then quarterly- now it’s a sprint- to borrow agile terminology.
  • Organizational Resilience: How deep is the bench?

See the session on demand now.