Moving Organisations Data to Cloud Based Services

In this presentation from Cybersecurity for Government 2017, Matthew Sirotech, Manager of Governance, Security and Risk at the Family and Community Services NSW discusses:

  • How outsourcing doesn’t mean transferring risk 
  • Maintaining control by managing the vendor 
  • Maintaining your certifications after outsourcing – How do you achieve ISO 27001 when you are a Consumer

Creating Artificial Intelligence Cyber-Security Systems to Improve Efficiencies and Automate Processes

In this presentation from Cybersecurity for Government 2017, Christopher Leckie, Professor with the Department of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne discusses:

  • Greater autonomy within the ICT systems to detect an intrusion and alert the relevant authority of an attack
  • Automating labour intensive processes removing key bottlenecks thereby making use of limited human resources
  • Automated decision making processes that involve blocking the traffic, rerouting, checking the traffic sources and alerting the relevant authority