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Taking a leap into the Cloud: Improving vendor relationships to better manage cloud based cyber risks in the public sector

In this article, Matthew Sirotech Manager of Governance, Security and Risk at Family and Community Services (FACS) NSW, to get his advice on how government agencies can mitigate some of the biggest cyber risks associated with cloud based software and the steps that can be taken to improve vendor relationships to better manage cyber risks.

Developing Effective Cyber Defence Capabilities to mitigate exposure to Phishing Attacks in Government

What steps can be taken to mitigate phishing attacks across government agencies?

To answer this question, we recently caught up with Marco Figuerora, the Chief Information Security Officer at the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation NSW. In this article, Marco shares insight into the types of training and awareness programs that are required to mitigate phishing attacks and the preventative measures which can be used to combat cyber crime in government agencies.

Telstra Security Report 2018

Ahead of Cyber Security for Public Sector 2018, here is a whitepaper from Telstra, detailing their results from surveying over 1,250 cyber security professionals.

The report summarises the findings concerning; electronic security, security challenges and the impact on businesses and responding to cyber incidents.