February 16, 2021 | Free-To-Attend Online Event

Jay Klauser

VP, Worldwide Sales Engineering and Alliances NetMotion

Jay has over 20 years of enterprise mobility and security experience. He has led global mobile device deployments for Fortune 500 companies as well as worked for leaders in the mobility and mobile security industry. Jay is currently the VP of Security Alliances at NetMotion Software where his team helps NetMotion customers and security partners optimize, manage and secure their mobile user deployments.

Program Agenda

Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

11:00 AM Debunking SASE Myths- The Truth Is Out There: A Fireside Chat

Even before the session takes place, we’ll debunk a few myths:

  • SASE is not a product category like SDP or VPN, but a network security framework
  • Not every aspect of your infrastructure needs to change immediately to implement a SASE solution – the SASE framework should be considered a marathon not a sprint.
  • No matter what they say, no technology is SASE, but technologies and solutions have SASE capabilities.

Join this fireside chat session as we breakdown and uncover how the SASE philosophy can offer the best for today, while setting you up for success tomorrow. We’ll discuss SASE uncovering what it is vs. what it isn’t. We’ll plot the road to SASE – and answer the questions:

  • Does my entire infrastructure need to change?
  • How do I put the SASE philosophy into a practice that works for me?
  • What’s the best way to measure success – ideal outcomes of implementing SASE