February 16, 2021 | Free-To-Attend Online Event

Program Agenda

Sabrina Konecky, Director, Information Security, Eli Lilly & Company

Avoiding hype and buzz is difficult. This session discusses various steps in the secure access journey to ensure that your enterprise is protected and resources are used wisely.

  • PAM: Gaining control over the most crucial aspects of IAM and the necessary associated controls
  • IAM: Realizing it's not about just security but also user experience to ensure business enablement 
  • Zero Trust: Least privilege access is where you want to be especially with enterprise collaborators without sacrificing the ability to get the job done 

Sabrina Konecky

Director, Information Security
Eli Lilly & Company

Gartner’s secure access service edge (SASE) framework outlines the convergence of networking and security capabilities to create an effective and secure edge. The cybersecurity concept emphasizes the need for vendor rationalization to reduce complexity while increasing visibility and ease of management. This session takes a real-world look at some of the groundwork necessary for fitting into this new model for a better user experience, increased reliability of your services, and increased security for all your web-facing business functions.

  • Understand the top 6 benefits of a SASE framework for IT and security leaders
  • Learn how you may have already started your SASE journey with your existing solutions and determine how projects you’ve already accomplished fit into the overall SASE model.
  •  Identify your company’s definition of the edge - how you view your boundaries will determine which tools you need for your strategy.
  •  Discover how to build out a business case for the budget and get buy-in from key stakeholders. 

Patrick Sullivan

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Security Strategy

11:00 am - 12:00 pm Debunking SASE Myths- The Truth Is Out There: A Fireside Chat

Jay Klauser - VP, Worldwide Sales Engineering and Alliances, NetMotion

Even before the session takes place, we’ll debunk a few myths:

  • SASE is not a product category like SDP or VPN, but a network security framework
  • Not every aspect of your infrastructure needs to change immediately to implement a SASE solution – the SASE framework should be considered a marathon not a sprint.
  • No matter what they say, no technology is SASE, but technologies and solutions have SASE capabilities.

Join this fireside chat session as we breakdown and uncover how the SASE philosophy can offer the best for today, while setting you up for success tomorrow. We’ll discuss SASE uncovering what it is vs. what it isn’t. We’ll plot the road to SASE – and answer the questions:

  • Does my entire infrastructure need to change?
  • How do I put the SASE philosophy into a practice that works for me?
  • What’s the best way to measure success – ideal outcomes of implementing SASE

Jay Klauser

VP, Worldwide Sales Engineering and Alliances

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm The Rise of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Jacob Serpa - Senior Product Marketing Manager, Bitglass

Secure access service edge (SASE) offerings are cloud-delivered platforms that give consistent security across different applications, devices, web destinations, on-premises resources, and infrastructure. To achieve this, these platforms deliver a variety of functionality from complementary security solutions. As organizations operate in our frenetic business world, SASE becomes imperative. In this session, you will learn:

  • Why organizations need SASE
  • The key components of SASE offerings
  • How SASE architectures impact performance

Jacob Serpa

Senior Product Marketing Manager

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm How Cloud-based Isolation Enables Zero Trust Security Within A Sase Service Model

Jack Miller - Head of Global Procurement, Menlo Security

As the various facets of network security converge to a cloud-service model with SASE, CISOs everywhere struggle to find the best solution to enable Zero Trust internet access without imposing restrictions and burdens on end-users or compromising their security stack. SASE requires a more robust strategy such as the use of a flexible secure web gateway (SWG).


Through the new concept of isolation, those who place a high priority on security can provide 100 percent malware-free email and web browsing in an easy to use, non disruptive, and scalable manner to allow customers to automatically meet their business needs and scale to wherever users conduct business.


Join this session to learn more about how Isolation technology is changing the future of SASE and Zero Trust Security.


Jack Miller

Head of Global Procurement
Menlo Security

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm A BISO Take On Secure Access

Pat Benoit - BISO, CBRE

Pat Beonoit, BISO, CBRE

Secure access tools can only be effective if the business remains enabled. Users can only be as effective as the access they are granted allows. This session examines that ‘multi factor authentication’ of secure access technology should include not only architectural interoperability but interoperability with your human resources.

  • Shifting Left of the security leader down into the customer world
  • Being a Global Senior Security Executive for client lifecycle management
  • Providing a product InfoSec maturity model
  • Driving ideas of what to include for advancing security into your service 
  • Establishing metrics to ensure value add to the enterprise and ultimately monetizing security 

Pat Benoit