Defining Person Centric Identity Management Systems

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Identity has become a core vehicle that enables governments, commercial enterprises and individuals to conduct a wide range of business functions such as financial transactions, transit across national borders, enforce laws, transfer monies, secure infrastructure and access personal and government devices. Pillars of success require that identity be both private and secure.

National and business identity management in the past involved credentials and biographic identifiers such as name, address, date and place of birth. Today's increasingly globalized and digital world is demanding that biometrics, coupled with biographics, become the identity management standard.

In this report, titled "Defining Person Centric Identity Management Systems, And What You Need To Know," you'll learn:

  • What Person Centric Biometric Identity Management Systems (PCBIMS) are and how they're leading the way for a variety of transactions requiring identity verification
  • Which systems already utilized on the enterprise level have proved successful
  • And six attributes of these Person Centric Systems

Download the report to discover how PCBIMS could streamline the various processes that demand verification. Also see which nations have gotten out in front of the shift to PCBIMS.