Healthcare IT Budgets, Uber Hack Top January Cyber Security News

Dan Gunderman

While 2018 is still young, there have been a number of well-publicized cyber security headlines coursing through the web. Many of them include budgetary predictions for 2018, while others outline more sweeping assessments of the space.

For example, Cyber Security Hub’s January coverage tackled subjects like a potential uptick in hardware security, healthcare IT budgets and flipping a preconceived notion about the space on its head. That is, whether cyber security is declining and desperate or actually on the rise.

Of course, January, like most months, was also brimming with cyber-incidents – some high-profile while others flew under the radar. What’s more, conversations on defense mechanisms have heightened, including eliminating risk and addressing security as a business unit versus a distant silo. Other details came to light this month as well, including a number of incidents that serve as case studies in response controls.

In that spirit, what follows is an in-depth look at the month of January and the cyber security headlines that stole the show. Click on each headline to read the full story.

90% Of Healthcare IT Pros Raising Cyber Security Budget
Yet again, cyber security has made its presence known. Health systems executives placed it as a top priority for 2018, ahead of artificial intelligence (AI) and other burgeoning technologies.

Uber’s Cyber Hack One Piece Of Larger Ethics Breach: Report
The Jan. 8 episode of “Task Force 7 Radio” on VoiceAmerica, hosted by information security executive George Rettas, plunged even deeper into the allegations against the global ride-hailing company Uber.

Cyber Security Demands Deeper Look At Hardware Issues
A vulnerability in chips made by Intel, ARM, AMD and Qualcomm has dominated the recent news cycle, causing many enterprise security officials to, perhaps, question the efficacy of their hardware.

‘Lying Eyes’ Are Deceiving: Cyber Security Is Actually On The Rise
Despite the numerous headlines, the heated race to the market that vendors partake in and blog posts on cyber doomsday, there are some industry insiders and analysts who believe cyber security, as a whole, is on the up and up.

Cyber Security: Who’s In Charge?
As threats intensify, hackers zero in on network databases and debate swirls over various solutions, there remains a definitive question: Who is responsible for all facets of cyber security in the enterprise?

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