Think Like A 2021 Cyber Security Attacker

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Seth Adler

In 2021 Top Zero Trust Action Points, we discuss what to do now to progress on the Zero Trust journey. With now 20% of the community now having taken at least one step on that Zero Trust journey, a new and better defensive cyber security mindset has been established at the front end of global corporate enterprise. Simultaneously, leading executives and organizations have been adopting a posture-forward cyber security stance by focusing more on detection through initiatives such as threat hunting.

With a Zero Trust baseline and a threat hunting frontline, cyber security mindsets now need to take the next step in thinking like a 2021 attacker. Threats now breach and move laterally through software updates while the cyber security infrastructure perimeter continues to exponentially expand with new cloud-based tools to serve a distributed workforce. Cody Pierce details his thoughts on the attacker mindset.


Episode Overview:

The CEO and Co-Founder of AlphaWave, Mr. Cody Pierce appears on Episode #167 of Task Force Radio to unpack what motivates different cyber attackers, how an attacker goes through the process of targeting a business, how organizations define their attack surface, and how the move to digital transformation, cloud migration, and work-from-home environments change the cyber security equation. Mr. Pierce also discusses the flip side of the coin in what motivates cyber defenders, how should cyber defenders think about defending their business, and how offense and defense differ in the Cyber Security world. 

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