Data-centric vs. Device-centric

TF7 Episode 144

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Seth Adler

Securing the perimeter was the task at hand for cyber security executives over the past few decades. As systems evolved, vulnerabilities were added. But the focus remained on the technology. As cloud migration began, the focus remained on the technology. But the modern cyber security executive recognizes that the technology stack is now the toolbelt not the perimeter. Data and the user are the new perimeters. 

George Rettas' guest, Kevin Coppins dives in on one of those pieces- the data. More and more cyber security executives are taking an offensive posture and rightly focused on what is being secured rather than simply playing defense.

Episode Overview

Consumers have become numb to the news of huge data breaches on the news. Privacy has become a main concern of consumers around the globe. The President and CEO of Spirion, Mr. Kevin Coppins appears on Episode #144 of Task Force 7 Radio to break down the culture of Data Security, why it's so hard for companies to to do the right thing by consumers, and what companies can do to build better bridges between corporate internal stakeholders and executive decision makers? Coppins also talks about why data compliance is so difficult for organizations to navigate, how the regulatory landscape changed over the last few years, and what regulations he thinks executives should be paying attention to that they aren’t right now. 

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