2020 Top Breaches: Part IV

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Seth Adler

Each week Cyber Security Hub offers an Incident of the Week for considertion by the community. Initially the incidents centered around misconfiguration, credential stuffing, password exposure, phishing, unauthorized access, malware and ransomware.

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2020 was an unwelcome year in many respects. Early on, things felt like the past which wasn't necessarily so bad. As the year ramped up, attacks thought to be previously off-limits sadly became the centrifugal force of the global threat landscape. As we passed the halfway point focus was squarely on the US election. And as we finish the year- we can see each of the years aspects not fade away, but continue to collectively come to fruition.

Futhermore, Q4 not only showcased today's issues and foreshadowed issues we'll be grappling with through 2021. Automated ransomware and Ransomware-as-a-Service attacks are picking up steam. The Life Sciences & Healthcare industry continue to be a central focus of malicious actors. Federal, state, provincial and Local entities continue to be hit from private and foreign state actors. 

Here's how the Incident of the Week played out each week of Q4, 2020 here on the Cyber Security Hub: