2020 Top Breaches: Part I

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Seth Adler

Each week Cyber Security Hub offers an Incident of the Week for considertion by the community. Initially the incidents centered around misconfiguration, credential stuffing, password exposure, phishing, unauthorized access, malware and ransomware.

If you can truly remember what life was like pre-pandemic in Q1, 2020- you're in the minority. Our lives have all changed. And the cyber security discipline is completely different. We've gone from an evolving debate about on-prem in Q1, 2020 to everyone fortifying the "perimeter of one" in Q1, 2021.

Q1, 2020 showcased business-as-prehistoric-usual featuring the benefit of openness in the face of a significant breach and ransomware attacks picking up steam. Although it might seem less recent, Microsoft Misconfiguration happened in January. The quarter also featured stolen PII from the UN and a focus on dynamic and continuous security assessment in the face of multiple payment card data findings. Finally the election year activity around government agencies came into focus.

Here's how the Incident of the Week played out each week of Q1, 2020 here on the Cyber Security Hub: