Identity-as-the-Perimeter ANZ

May 25, 2021 | Online Event

Integrating Identity Tools Into The Fabric Of The Enterprise To Fully Enable Business While Optimizing Security

From the beginning, identity has always been at the core of security. Initially when access was restricted to the office perimeter, simply having the user ID and password was enough. But now that global corporate enterprise is moving to cloud-based applications, cloud-based storage, remote working and CYOD- the organizational perimeter has over a period of time, expanded.

That initial castle and moat perimeter is now exponential. And an exponential perimeter is impossible to protect. Which brings us back to identity- to protect the organization with identity as the perimeter is at least, possible.
As traditional on-prem controls no longer can be relied on, identity must be the security control providing access to the right resources under the right conditions. Secure access is key. When the number and complexity of cloud-based applications- with various new and coming regulations around them- Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a must and Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an imperative.

The Identity-as-the-Perimeter mindset has taken hold. CISOs all the way through to front lines security executives now know that challenges remain in fully integrating secure access tools into the fabric of the enterprises to gain full value.
An Identity-Based Zero Trust philosophy bolstered by a Zero Trust Network Architecture must be in place. Identity theft had been one of the fastest growing cyber crimes over the last few years- with a remarkable spike in the past twelve months.

The essence of old paradigms persist when adapted to new circumstances. Thus rebuilding the castle and moat has begun. And the infrastructure being built is the Perimeter of One.

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