Darryl Carr

Editor, Founding Member Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal, Architectural Thinking Association

Darryl Carr is an Enterprise Architect over 30 years in IT and related disciplines. He has extensive experience across numerous IT roles, including everything from applications development, to business liaison roles, design of enterprise scale solutions and the development of strategic roadmaps. Darryl specialises in the establishment and maturing of Enterprise Architecture capabilities within organisations, and outside of his day to day responsibilities, he is active in the global EA and IT communities through activities such as Editor of the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal, Founding member of the Architectural Thinking Association, Chair and Advisory Board member of EA-related events, Running local and online EA events, Judging state and national IT innovation awards (Incite and iAwards)

Darryl is often sought for his advice on the development of material around EA and organisational change, fusing a set of disciplines such as Systems Thinking, Change Management, Design Thinking and Agile Delivery in order to bring about transformative change in organisations.

Conference Day 1 - Wednesday 22 July 2020

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020

5:00 PM PANEL: Show Me The Money

Now more than ever, EA professionals face the pressure of delivering more concrete results and helping to grow the business. What are some strategies EA professionals can implement to create industry-specific and unique propositions facilitate monetisation and revenue generation? This panel will explore:

  • EA’s role in designing and delivering new operating models with business outcomes at center stage
  • Utilising emerging technologies to create new revenue streams, services and customer experiences
  • Orchestrating collaboration between domain experts across other departments to drive business outcomes

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Darryl.

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