Transforming Enterprise Architecture To Drive Strategic Business Outcomes And Deliver Real Value

27 May, 2021 | Online Event

Building a Resilient Distributed Enterprise Architecture to Strengthen Business Continuity Plans

Following the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, enterprises have accelerated their digital transformation strategy. Business leaders have increased investments in digital tools and processes to drive business continuity, achieve cost efficiency and productivity simultaneously. Such investments are made to optimise processes, transform customer service and innovate new products to stay competitive. However, for an enterprise to adopt new technologies and design new business models, it needs a fundamental shift in its core IT capabilities.

The 2nd Annual Enterprise Architecture Asia Online will highlight how enterprises are leveraging enterprise architecture to analyse and mitigate business risks, and quickly respond to unforeseen situations to drive business continuity.

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 Optimising integration of the inevitable patchwork of systems to add value to the business 

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Developing digital-ready architectures

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Harnessing digital platforms for more value-added services