Thursday, 17 June 2021 | Free Online Event
10:00 AM (SGT)

Digital Identity & Data Security Asia 2021

In the wake of COVID-19, Digital Identity and Data Security have come to the forefront of many organizations’ priorities. Protecting the digital identities of internal and external parties, alongside maintaining data security, has become more critical than ever before. Join us and network with leading practitioners that are looking to maintain business continuity, while simultaneously searching for opportunities to drive sustainable growth.


Sharpening focus on best practices on responsible data handling practices to foster a trusted ecosystem for data use in the digital economy

How to align your organization’s digital transformation journey with data security & privacy to improve customer experience on all touch points

Acquiring the best practical insights on developing a comprehensive data security in the cloud by enforcing and extending existing enterprise security assets to mitigate risk from data breaches and control data exposure

Envisioning the future of data security with automated technologies to stay compliant

Chief Information Security Officer

Chief Data Protection Officer

Chief Privacy Officer

Chief Data Governance Officer

General/Legal Counsel

Chief Risk Officer

Compliance Officer


Data Protection

Data Governance

Security & Privacy

Information Security

Risk Management/Operations

Risk & Control

Fraud Strategy

Operations, Data

IT Applications / IT Security

PANEL: Rethinking and Managing Data Security and Compliance for a post COVID-19 World
Duration: 10:00am – 10:45am (SGT)

The COVID-19 pandemic poses heightened cybersecurity and data privacy risks for many organizations. With the rapid deployment of remote-working solutions, many companies are facing difficult business and legal challenges and are required to make some urgent decisions in order to keep their workforce safe and ensure business continuity. Many businesses are facing data privacy questions regarding the collection and disclosure of personal information as they monitor the virus's impact on their organizations.
Key discussion points:
  • Organizational exposure to data privacy risk and compliance
  • Adopting holistic and integrated approaches to balance data privacy concerns and potential opportunities for society
  • Developing robust data privacy policies and practices to safeguard data security and privacy
  • Dr. Patrick Kos, Head of Legal & Compliance Pharma Asia Pacific Area - Roche
  • Mac Esmilla, Chief Information Security Officer - World Vision International
  • Mathieu Lahierre, Principal, Application & Data Security - BHP

PANEL: Reframing Digital Identity as Data Protection
Duration: 11:00am – 11:45am (SGT)

There are many ways to describe Digital Identity, however no matter how we define them, they are in the end representations of people or entities needed to relay information to those online. With 52% of global internet traffic being accessed on mobile devices, the way in which individuals interact with public and private organizations has evolved; delivering identity information either through account names, biometrics, verified credentials, digital certificates and so on.

Faced with an increasingly challenging economic landscape, and the estimated figure of 146 billion digital records to be stolen by 2023, businesses and governments are searching for opportunities to drive sustainable growth. As regulatory environments take form, it will be the numerous applications that digital identity enables where banks and public authorities will see a bottom-line return on their investment.
Key discussion points:
  • Adopting new structures and regulations to govern associated services and transactions
  • Streamlining analysis and design within cybersecurity for increased efficiency
  • Exploring best practices for the commercial applications of digital identity