27 - 28 November, 2018 | Sydney, Australia
Andrew Oldaker, CTO at The Royal Melbourne Hospital

Andrew Oldaker

The Royal Melbourne Hospital

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Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

3:30 PM Creating a Clear Security Overview using the Maturity Assessment Model and Looking at Medical Device Cyber Security as a Collaborative Approach

In a joint presentation Simon Cowley and Andrew Oldaker discuss their work at the Royal Melbourne Hospital where they are advancing towards stronger cyber defence capabilities. Compromised critical infrastructure - such as medical devices - can impact the capacity of an organisation to perform its primary business functions – such as treating and caring for patients. Healthcare organisations have a wealth of sensitive data, highly sought after by criminal elements, which leads them to be a favourable target. Collaboration, a whole-of-business strategy, and effective controls are essential to mitigate the cyber security risk of medical devices.

  • The Maturity Assessment Model
  • The structure of the model established analysing 72 mandatory controls.
  • Benefits of labelling each hospital will a level of cyber security maturity and how it will attract pertinent questions on cyber capacity.
  • Security for Medical Devices
  • Explore the risks and challenges with industrial controls and critical infrastructure.
  • An overview of the common vulnerabilities for medical devices that if exploited, could result in a cyber incident.