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11 - 12 August, 2020 | NOW 100% ONLINE 

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TUESDAY 9 JUNE 2020 | 8:50 AM - 12:30 PM (AEST)


Conference Opening

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Keeping The Lights On: Balancing Cyber Security Outcomes At A Health Agency Embroiled With Covid-19 Emergency Response & Monitoring Initiatives Across 30,000 Staff

As a IT shared services provider for district health boards in New Zealand, Richard’s team is tasked with ensuring cyber security outcomes for essential frontline services staff conducting Covid-19 monitoring activities as well as the 20,000+ staff that all of a sudden needed to be moved to a remote working environment with lockdown provisioning in place. In this session, he talks to his experiences with balancing and planning for cyber assurance when emergency response and crisis management initiatives prioritize speed over security across 2000 applications and 1000 servers. He will cover:

  • Lessons learned around how cyber security teams can improve response agility for crisis and beyond
  • Ensuring a scalable and secure multi-factor authentication across 30,000
  • New cyber risks that emerged and long term remediation plan for a backlog of new introduced threats

Richard Harrison, Chief Information Security Officer, healthAlliance (New Zealand)


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Adapting Your Cyber Security Processes To Improve Remote Working Security Without Inhibiting Business Outcomes And System Usability During Covid-19

MMG last year went through a cyber-security operations, system and culture overhaul to improve how the department aligns with and enables business outcomes. This has seen the organization set up to securely deliver remote working in a manner where cyber security enables rather than inhibits the business from achieving its operational and strategic goals. In this session Dovid covers:

  • How he set up and deployed multi-factor authentication across the business
  • Creating a strong infrastructure and foundation for information security across multiple vendor partners
  • Implications of Covid-19 on third party risks and strategy

Dovid Clarke, Head of Cyber (CISO), MMG Limited 


Firming Up Your Endpoint Security And Virtual Monitoring Capability To Improve Remote Workforce Security Whilst Delivering 100% of The Work Scope

At SA Water, the bushfires and early monitoring of the Covid-19 situation led Venu to identify and prepare for cyber and business continuity risks well before the pandemic broke out. Currently, with 100% of the staff working remotely and scope of work outlined pre-Covid remaining unchanged, this session will see Venu talk you through:

  • Key considerations with building a scalable and effective endpoint security strategy
  • Creating a virtual SOC capability to improve threat monitoring and reporting across dispersed networks and devices
  • Overcoming bandwidth challenges around VPN solutions to reduce staff working experience impact caused by security processes
  • Leveraging VPN insights to help business monitor and manage staff productivity and behaviors

Venu Annam, Manager, Cyber Security, Risk and Resilience (CISO), SA Water


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