13 - 14 August, 2019 | Mercure Resort, Hunter Valley Gardens, NSW
Steven York, Chief Information Security Officer at Bank of Queensland
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Steven York

Chief Information Security Officer
Bank of Queensland

Exchange Day 1: Tuesday 13th August 2019

5:10 PM BrainWeave™ - Third Party Risk Management: Getting An Accurate Understanding Of Your Partners True Capability

With cyber breaches rapidly increasing in both number and complexity, organisations are re-assessing the security strength of existing third-parties and potential future partners. Currently, the on-boarding process can drag out to months and has proved unrealistic for such a fast-paced environment. In this session, discuss:
  • Minimizing steps in the vetting process to move potential partners from A to Z quickly
  • Maintaining ownership of sensitive data and increasing visibility of third party systems
  • Ensuring the third party complies with the regulation and legislation under which your company operates
  • Remembering the ‘people’ side of cyber security and strengthening the human relationship between your organisation and your partners

Exchange Day 2: Wednesday 14th August 2019

2:20 PM How Bank of Queensland are BOQ-ifying the NIST Framework To Accurately Measure Cyber Capabilities

The NIST framework is generally accepted as the leading best-practice framework across the Cyber Security landscape. Although designed with the purpose of arranging resources to be easily digestible by both the board and IT department, it is not a one-size-fits-all fix. Intricate details of an organisation may be missed if the NIST framework is followed too closely. In this session, hear how BOQ have:
  • Personalized the NIST framework to accurately measure the success of their cyber security capabilities
  • Improved discussion with the board as a result of improved metrics and reporting
  • Gained a deeper understanding of where their cyber gaps and strongest coverage lie

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