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NEW!! Exclusive Interview with Herman Doering, SISO from St. Luke's Health System

From medical devices to access controls, St. Luke's Health System System Information Security Officer Herman Doering discusses considerations to improve management of vendor and business partner risks.

NEW!! Security Experimentation: An Interview with UnitedHealth Group's Aaron Rinehart

Aaron Rinehart, Chief Enterprise Security Architect at UnitedHealth Group, discusses the shift from security testing to security experimentation, including security chaos experimentation, adversity testing and operational instrumentation.

Nation-State Security Trends Report 2019

Heading into the 2020 U.S. presidential election pre-season, the U. S. government has been — and will continue to be — squarely focused on defending against nation-state hacks and influence. Especially on the heels of the recent government shutdown, the impact on the cyber security community was certainly felt. Democrats are already making election security a campaign issue for the next election pushing their Republication counterparts with the need to be more aggressive on their security stance, in order to calm down the public and get people to “believe in the system again.” And so, when speaking on this topic you must first address the big four Nation-States: namely Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

Women in IT: An Interview with NIH Clinical Center's CISO, Jothi Dugar

Listen to Jothi Dugar, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the National Institute of Health as she discusses the role of being a woman in the IT industry.

Exclusive Interview with Tim Swope, CISO from Catholic Health Services of Long Island

In this interview, Catholic Health Services of Long Island CISO Tim Swope provides an overview of HITRUST and how the risk management framework aligns to security controls.

Exclusive Interview with Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network's, Edward Marchewka

Listen to Edward Marchewka, Director of Information and Technology Services for the Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network as he discusses visual thinking in Cyber Security.

Vendor Risk Management Maturity Model: An Interview with Premise Health CISO Joey Johnson

As Chief Information Security Officer for Premise Health, Joey Johnson knows a lot about vendor risk - both as a service provider and as a client. “Our clients, very large organizations for whom we keep a lot of sensitive data, constantly subject us to vendor risk assessment activities. On the flip side, we assess risk for the third parties we outsource that provide our firm niche healthcare services.”

Last year, Joey spoke about the incredible important task of mitigating vendor risk in his Day 3 session, Transitioning from Vendor Risk Management to Vendor Maturity Modeling. Watch Joey talk more about this topic here.

Interview with Thomas DeLaine, Director of Information Security

In this interview, Comprehensive Health Service Information Security  Director Thomas P. DeLaine, Jr. discusses cyber security incident management response planning.

The Cost of Data Breaches

Download this exclusive video that touches on data breaches and the costs associated with them. At the Cyber Security for Financial Services Exchange network with your peers and gain insightful knowledge on what your peers are doing to help alleviate the pitfalls associated with data breaches within their organizations.

The Exchange Difference

Still not sure how the Exchange format is different from your average industry conference? Download this free PDF to explore the unique benefits including personalized agendas, capped attendance, and much more!

Preparing for An IQPC Exchange Event

Get an exclusive view on what makes an IQPC Exchange unique and sets us apart from the competition. This video gives you a first hand look and testimonials about our events. So take a look and see why we constantly set the bar and have repeat attendees!