Day 1 | Tuesday, 30 March 2021

9:00 am - 9:45 am SGT Forward Thinking Threat Intelligence

Luke Steller - Cyber Security Operations & Threat Intelligence Head, ANZ

Gleaning lessons learned from a defensive posture is a great way to begin the lean into forward-posture cyber security. From there combining push and pull data into digestible information allows the team to not only understand what has happened, but also what is happening while anticipating what's coming. Along the way, the key is to blend real-time actionable insights with tacit historical knowledge and inform that data set with bespoke custom intelligence. Finally, automating only good solid process allows the organization to lean forward with confidence. 

  • Lessons learned from an Incident Response background
  • Getting the right people and instilling a tech company mindset
  • Gaining benefit from the combination of SOC + TI approaches
  • Finding the intersection of incident response and actionable information
  • Using the honey pot to locate the bears
  • Understanding things aren't always as they SIEM
  • Automating what you can without losing track of process

Luke Steller

Cyber Security Operations & Threat Intelligence Head

10:00 am - 10:45 am SGT Predictable Response in Unpredictable Times: Event Correlation Is Important, Perhaps Response Correlation Is Even More Important

Prashant Darisi - Vice President, CEM Business Solutions, Everbridge

Shifting to a fully remote work environment introduces more unpredictability in IT Operations - as organizations rely more on critical IT services to keep business running, they're seeing an increased strain on IT Infrastructure, increasing the risk of outages. And the threat of Cyber Attacks is steadily increasing. Just recently, a phone spear-phishing attack gave hackers access to Twitter’s internal systems, the FBI reported an increase in online shopping scams and fraudulent websites, and CISA and DoD have identified TAIDOOR, a malware variant being used as a ‘nation-attack’ and IT infrastructure emanating from Asia. In the last 24 months, an alarming fact is that over 69% of the organizations that were a target of Ransomware, paid the blackmailers to get access to their data back. Unfortunately, all indications are that the situation will worsen before it improves. This session provides insight into:


  • Seamless management multiple tools and technologies currently in your eco-system
  • Lowering MTTR by understanding key stages to gain operational command 
  • Keeping Customers and Stakeholder Happy with the right expectations 
  • Leveraging Analytics to drive informed decision making for both Digital and downstream Physical Threats

Prashant Darisi

Vice President, CEM Business Solutions

11:00 am - 11:30 am SGT Securing the Future of Work with Cyber AI

Chris Stannage - Cyber Security Account Manager, ANZ, Darktrace

The future of work remains unpredictable and uncertain. More than ever before, business leaders need to remain confident that their operations can continue securely in the face of global or even regional crises, and while sections of the economy are slowly re-opening, cyber-attackers are ramping up their campaigns.

As businesses look set to rely on cloud and SaaS tools for the long term, our digital environments are going to be more dynamic than ever. Yet organizations are finding themselves undergoing a delicate balancing act—each new work practice and technology that is introduced also brings unforeseen risk. Static, legacy approaches have become redundant, both unintelligent and ill-equipped to adapt.

Organizations must rethink their approach to security, and rely on new technologies like AI to achieve much-needed adaptability and resilience. Darktrace is the world leader in cyber AI technology, and leverages unsupervised machine learning to seamlessly adapt and integrate into changing environments, and to detect and respond to attacks in the earliest moments.  

In the face of an uncertain present and future, Cyber AI enables businesses to continue communicating, operating, and innovating.  


Chris Stannage

Cyber Security Account Manager, ANZ

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm SGT Capturing the ROI of Security Automation

Gal Shafir - Global Director, Pre-Sales Engineering, Siemplify

No matter the size or industry, company leaders recognize that minimizing external threats are of paramount importance. As a result, companies value their SOCs and consider them critical to their cybersecurity strategy, however, it is not always easy to quantify the ROI of these investments. In this session you will not only learn how to capture the ROI, but to improve it as well.

This session outlines:

  • The 1-10-60 rule and why it matters and how to measure against it
  • Myriad issues impacting overall ROI
  • Actionable tactics you can take to improve ROI
  • That ROI isn’t only about money- other factors impact the bottom line

Gal Shafir

Global Director, Pre-Sales Engineering

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm SGT Attaining Insider Threat Intelligence

Mathieu Lahierre - Principal Data Protection, BHP

The cloud subjects the enterprise to new and different vulnerabilities. But it also presents the organization with new tools to secure the company via innovative means. And regarding insider threats, the cloud provides multiple layers of insight from which cyber security executives can glean insider threat intelligence.

  • Significantly reducing the threat surface
  • Realizing the importance of IAM and the usage of information rights management
  • Engaging in rigorous regulatory compliance 
  • Implementing systems to ensure DLP while detecting rogue activity 
  • Mitigating the risk of user error as well as malicious activity through behavioral tracking
  • Establishing malfeasance vs. misfeasance
  • Gaining traction in the cloud

Mathieu Lahierre

Principal Data Protection