Business Enablement Through Cloud-First Network Security

The user, the device and the data have become the three-headed hydra centrifugal force of cyber security. The distributed workforce utilizing distributed architecture is accessing enterprise applications and data through the cloud.
We have gone from cloud migration to cloud evolution to cloud-centric or cloud native. 
Secure Access Service Edge - or SASE, puts cloud first. SASE allows CISOs to continue to secure the enterprise while delivering business enablement by reducing complexity for the user.
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Ellie Warner

Global Head, Cyber Training and Awareness

Standard Chartered

Martin Ingram

Product Owner, IAM

Royal Bank of Scotland

Barry Magsanay

Global Head of Information Security & Americas IT Services

Treasury Wine Estates Global

Eyal Webber-Zvik

Vice President of Product Marketing

Cato Networks

Nick Savvides

Senior Director of Strategic Business, APAC


Jonathan Andresen

Senior Director, Products & Solutions Marketing


Lee Dolsen

Director, Solution Architecture


Parag Deodhar

Director - Information Security, Asia Pacific

Major Global Apparel Manufacturer

David Fairman

Chief Security Officer


Jefferson Haw

Zero Trust Advocate


Peter Molloy

Director of SASE Sales and GTM, JAPAC

Palo Alto Networks

    • Real-time Zero Trust Access
    • Securing Each Identity Entity With Context
    • Agile Cyber Security Success At Business Speed
    • Approaching Edge Threat Intelligence
    • Threat Hunting on The Dynamic Edge
    • From CASB To SASE
    • SD-WAN + Security = SASE Architecture
and more...

Head and Directors of Cyber Security
Head and Directors of Information Security
Head and Directors of IT
Providers of cyber security solutions, services and software

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