Free-To-Attend Cyber Security Online Event!

May 04 - 06, 2021

Agenda Day 3

It's been an interesting 14 months, to say the least. Global society has dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic which has impacted global corporate enterprise. Cyber security executives have of course been a part of those two larger groups but have also had to deal with the dynamic changes to protecting their organizations. Along the way, two gargantuan cyber security incidents have occurred which have affected everyone industry-wide. Members of the CSHub Executive Advisory Board come together for the last session on the CSHub Global Summit to discuss lessons learned from yesterday and action items for tomorrow.

  • Unpacking how the business of cyber security has changed
  • Realizing how cyber security business enablement has changed
  • Understanding how malicious actor process and approach has changed  
  • Discussing short-term and long-term action items moving forward

Tom Kartanowicz

CISO Americas
Commerzbank AG


Bob Turner

Chief Information Security Officer
University of Wisconsin Madison

10:00 am - 10:45 am EST Continuous Cybersecurity Control Validation with Automated Attack Emulation

Jonathan Reiber - Senior Director, Cybersecurity Strategy and Policy, AttackIQ

Cybersecurity teams require real data to understand how well they will perform against threats when tested by an attacker. The problem is, today they have none. With automated continuous security validation, practitioners can collect performance data at scale to improve their cybersecurity program effectiveness. Join this session for a discussion on how moving to an automated approach to breach and attack simulation and continuous cybersecurity control validation can help organizations improve their overall risk management.


Jonathan Reiber

Senior Director, Cybersecurity Strategy and Policy

11:00 am - 11:45 am EST Faking It:​ Stopping Impersonation Attacks with Cyber AI

Mariana Pereira - Director of Email Security Products, Darktrace


Mariana Pereira

Director of Email Security Products

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm EST Cyber Resiliency: FIM & RIM And How These Standards Serve To Secure IoT Devices Large & Small

Thorsten Stremlau - CTO, Intelligent Devices Group and Smart Devices, Lenovo

With the implementation of proper definitions, architectures and scenarios, the risk of attack to connected devices can be greatly reduced and device resiliency increased. The Firmware Integrity Measurement (FIM), Reference Integrity Manifest (RIM), and Cyber Resiliency specifications, developed by Trusted Computing Group, can be implemented to mitigate the threat of potential attacks, offering the entire industry a layer of protection against cyber threats.


Thorsten Stremlau

CTO, Intelligent Devices Group and Smart Devices