Free-To-Attend Cyber Security Online Event!

May 04 - 06, 2021

With 2020 squarely in our rear-view window, the Cyber Security Hub Global Summit provides an opportunity to truly understand the repercussions of last year on current and future budgets.

It also provides the opportunity to spot-check where the industry is in terms of mindset movement and technology evolution. Join us May 4-5, 2021 at the Cyber Security Hub Global Summit.

  • Cloud First Benefits & Drawbacks
  • Cyber Security Visibility
  • Data-as-the-perimeter With Code Being The Threat
  • Dovetailing Cloud, Access, Endpoint  & Automation
  • Edge Threat Intelligence
  • GRC: Outpacing Regulatory And Standardization Mandates
  • IoT Cyber Security
  • Secure Access From PAM to IAM To Zero Trust To SASE
  • 2021 Endpoint Security
  • User Awareness Innovation

Featured Speakers

Erez Liebermann

Chief Counsel, Cybersecurity and Privacy


Samantha Cowan

Head of Compliance


Sarah Sabotka

Head of Global Cyber Threat Intelligence


Martin Ingram

Product Owner, IAM

Royal Bank of Scotland

Andrew Beauchamp

Group Head- Director of Identity


J. Wolfgang Goerlich

Advisory CISO

Duo Security

Sanjay Nayar

Director, Cyber Risk Analytics and Modeling

Capital One

Tom Kartanowicz

CISO Americas

Commerzbank AG

Bob Turner

Chief Information Security Officer

University of Wisconsin Madison

Mark Manglicmot

VP Security Services

Arctic Wolf

Todd Fitzgibbon

GRC Offering Lead


Herman Brown Jr.

Chief Information Officer, Office of District Attorney

City and County of San Francisco

Thorsten Stremlau

CTO, Intelligent Devices Group and Smart Devices


Mariana Pereira

Director of Email Security Products


Jay Klauser

VP, Worldwide Sales Engineering and Alliances


Jonathan Reiber

Senior Director, Cybersecurity Strategy and Policy


Joseph Carson

Chief Cybersecurity Scientist