Gather Intelligence, Respond To Threats, Discuss True Lessons Learned & Chart The Course For 2021

2020 has been an interesting year. The still burgeoning threat landscape has met the new infinite perimeter of global corporate enterprise. Whether the CISO has become the BISO or not, the Department of No has become the Department of Know with cyber security executives focusing on business enablement. That focus has led to a better understanding of the value of security to the rest of the business, the C-Suite, the Board and even to CISOs themselves.

Much attention has been paid to the relatively low-cost endeavor of user awareness with many threats thwarted right on the enterprise front lines. Proper cyber hygiene is being practiced through straightforward updating and patching of systems as well as scanning, assessing and managing of vulnerabilities. All the while setting coherent governance for cogent risk management and regulatory compliance is par for the course.

But gone are the days of simply playing defense with a reactive posture. Borrowing from the NIST Framework- with “Identify” & “Protect” along with “Respond” & “Recover” now absolute table stakes- 2020 has become the year of “Detect.”

The distributed workforce has brought on a dovetailing of access management and endpoint security. The utilization of Artificial Intelligence particularly in SIEM and SOAR solutions has allowed for a more proactive cyber security stance. Cloud migration has turned into cloud evolution with the question not being “if” cloud but “how many,” which brings CASB providers to the fore.

Within that context- on the one hand, the perimeter is infinite. On the other hand, the perimeter is in plain site- and that new perimeter is data. But we all know that the cyber security executive has (at least) three hands and on that third hand, the new perimeter is the user. The once elusive least privilege and zero trust mindsets have turned into the community’s collective philosophy.

And so, we come together again this November to discuss true lessons learned from this very interesting year and chart the course for 2021 at the Cyber Security Digital Summit: Fall 2020.

Data as the focus of the infinite perimeter

The distributed workforce settles in

Least privilege with ease of use: IAM & PAM in 2021

Attaining true visibility through dramatically stepped-up threat intelligence

Harnessing multi-cloud solutions as cloud evolution continues

Outpacing regulatory and standardization mandates

Ensuring cyber AI is a tool not a buzzword

Attaining nimble endpoint security

User awareness 2.021

CISO redefined, again

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