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If there is any one person in global corporate enterprise that is equipped to deal with the turbulent uncertainty of a global pandemic, it’s the CISO. A CISO’s career informs every decision leading up to this morning. But tomorrow’s breaches are born from today’s threats. Succeeding today only gives you the opportunity to battle more uncertainty tomorrow.

Collectively Regional
Q2 2020 informed us that our current universal reality will be with us longer term. More importantly, distinct reactions have provided the reality that our respective threat matrices will be increasingly local as regions continue to bifurcate from each other on pandemic response.

EMEA Distinction
Fresh off a deep dive into the APAC region, the Cyber Security Hub brings you this EMEA focused virtual event. EMEA is ‘more open’ than APAC and the Americas and with that distinction comes new potential incidents that have not yet been seen by the rest of the world.

And so, now more than ever is the precise moment for our Cyber Security Digital Summit: EMEA 2020 taking place 13-14 October.

    • Amplifying the enterprise endpoint security focus
    • Deep diving into IAM & PAM
    • Realizing secure infrastructure, frameworks and standards
    • Keeping pace with evolving global standards and regulations
    • Unpacking enterprise security awareness
    • Continuing to secure the enterprise through the onslaught of new attacks brought about by remote work
    • Becoming the Technician with Legal Expertise who is a Business Executive CISO

Mohamad Mahjoub

CISO, Middle East


Lucy Payne

Security Education & Training Manager


Martin Ingram

Product Owner, IAM

Royal Bank of Scotland

Nour Fateen

Technical Sales Manager

Recorded Future


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Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Chairman´s Opening Remarks

12:00pm CET

IoT & Industrial Network Cybersecurity
Mohamad Mahjoub MSc,CISSP,CISA,PMP,ITIL, CISO, Middle East, Veolia 

  • Establishing a baseline understanding of historical industrial networks 
  • Overcoming inherent challenges in operational technology
  • Converging industrial and enterprise networks and grappling with a heterogeneous environment
  • Managing vulnerabilities, protocols, standards, compliance and marrying advanced analytics with predictive maintenance 
  • Ensuring continuity with traditional CISO job functions 

13:00pm CET

How to Disrupt Adversaries With Security Intelligence
Nour Fateen, Presales Manager, UKI & META, Recorded Future

One of the biggest challenges organisations face today is the inability to detect and mitigate cyberattacks at scale. Adversaries are constantly improving their techniques and evading defences, leaving security teams scratching their heads. In this talk, Nour Fateen, presales manager for UKI & META at Recorded Future, will demonstrate how access to security intelligence empowers organisations to learn about these attacks proactively and take action, before they have the chance to cause real damage.

14:00pm CET
User Awareness: Unboxing Enterprise Cyber-Psychology
Lucy Payne, Security Education & Training Manager, Aviva
  • Proliferating user awareness throughout the organization
  • Finding what makes people tick, and creating positive, sustainable behavioural change
  • Ensuring that behavioural change evolves to a cultural change
  • Realizing that technology only gets you so far and that human engagement is the true key to enterprise cyber security
15:00pm CET
An Agile Approach to IAM
Martin Ingram, Product Owner, Identity and Access Management, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Setting-up IAM with a business mindset 
  • Achieving a market leading direction 
  • Owning the internal and external customer journeys
  • Managing risk per the risk appetite of the business vs. the customer’s expected customer journey
  • Discovering a true digital identity strategy and executing that strategy to increase business and trust 

    Agenda Day 1

    • CISOs
    • CIOs
    • Head and Directors of Cyber Security
    • Head and Directors of Information Security
    • Head and Directors of IT
    • Providers of cyber security solutions, services and software