All end-users can attend at no cost! Register here.

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All End-Users can Attend at no cost!

  • Main Conference


Gold Package

  • Access to Essential Content- 6 hours of content (3 each day)
  • 1:1 networking and meetings
  • Virtual networking
  • Opportunity to join selected virtual round tables

Platinum Package

  • Access to premium content
  • Access to join all virtual round tables
  • Receive link to download presentations post event
  • Receive exclusive special report
  • 1:1 networking and meetings
  • Virtual networking

End User vs. Vendor Attendance Qualifications. All attendees will be evaluated based on the below qualifications.

End User An individual responsible for evaluating, purchasing or managing resources, products and/or services for their organization’s internal usage. An end user organization does not offer products, services or solutions associated with the domain of cyber security. No restrictions based on title, seniority, experience, company, or industry.

Vendor An individual from a company that offers cyber or physical security products or solutions regardless of the role, responsibility, or job title of the executive considering attendance. This includes but is not limited to Cybersecurity Technology, Consulting Services, and Cyber or Physical Security Hardware or Software. It is at sole discretion of the Automotive IQ staff to determine eligibility by considering these guidelines. 

IQPC reserves the right to determine who qualifies as an end user

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