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Critical National Infrastructure Online Agenda

Building upon the success of the Inaugural Critical National Infrastructure Summit in 2019, we're excited to bring the same high level content to your home September 15-16 for Critical National Infrastructure Online! Access the agenda to see the full speaker line-up, topics and sessions. Alternat ...

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Critical National Infrastructure: Past Attendee List

Take a look at the experts that have attended the 2019 Critical National Infrastructure Summit. Don’t miss your opportunity to meet face-to-face with senior thought leaders at the 2020 Critical National Infrastructure Summit. To request a copy via email, please contact us at

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Past Presentation Packet: June 2019

Enjoy 3 of our top rated presentations from the 2019 Critical National Infrastructure Summit.How To Create A Trusted Information Sharing Model That Provides Relevant, Actionable, And Secure Data - Bill Nelson, CEO, Global Resilience FederationBuilding Resilience Among Private Sector - Carlos P. Kizzee, VP Intelligence, Retail & Hospitality ISACWhy Our...

Case Study: Connecting Cyber and Physical Security at Hydro-Quebec

Yan Cameron, Director Physical Security, Hydro Quebec, presents on:Hydro-Quebec’s security department creates synergies between cyber and physical securityEstablishing incident management strategies and partnerships Understanding the importance of cyber in physical security projects and how innovations helped in achieving security objectivesTo request a copy via email, please contact us at

Identifying Emerging Threats to the Grid and Effective Responses After an Event

Brian Harrell, Senior Fellow at the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security, former Operations Director of the Electricity ISAC and Director of Critical Infrastructure Protection Programs, NERC, presents on:Identifying emerging trends in physical and cyber threats in power substationsWorking within existing operational systems to plan responses to future threatsDetermining appropriate...

New Developments in Sensor Technologies for Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Michael Montgomery, Director of Application Engineering, Senstar Inc, presents on:Examining how new developments in sensor technologies can dramatically improve physical security while minimizing capital and operational costs.Comparing and evaluating technologies, and combining different technologies together (sensor fusion)Integrating tech solutions into a comprehensive security planTo request a copy via email, please...

Putting your Money Where your Risk is: Risk-based Security Planning for Power Utilities

Randall White, Manager, Security Operations and Asset Protection/Safety, Corporate Security, SCE, presents on:Introducing risks like IP or Ethernet that threaten your system’s cyber securityManaging operational constraints unique to utilities at the intersection of IT and OTDeveloping cross-functional teams to manage these unique challengesTo request a copy via email, please contact...

The Changing Face of the Electric Grid: Modernizing our Electricity Networks in a World Increasingly Dependent on Electricity

Terron Hill, Director of Electric Network Strategy, National Grid, presents on:Modernizing by becoming much more flexible, integrated, and new digital technologies and innovationIntegrating renewable generation into our fuel generation mixUtilizing distributed energy resources and energy storage to provide new services like electric vehicle demandsAdapting our networks for the future using...

Critical Infrastructure Protection – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Tim Conway, Technical Director, SANS, presents on:Trends and challenges facing critical infrastructure – best practices and lessons learnedChanges in industry standards and framework adjustments Preparing a hybrid IT/OT workforceTo request a copy via email, please contact us at

DHS’s Priorities for Securing High-Value Assets Across the Government

Michael Duffy, Deputy Director Federal Network Resilience, NPPD, presents on DHS’s priorities for securing high-value assets. To request a copy via email, please contact us at

NNSA’s Strategies for Enhancing National Security and Reducing the Global Danger from Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Honorable Lisa Gordon Hagerty, Under Secretary for Nuclear Security, U.S. Department of Energy, presents the NNSA's strategies for enhancing national security.To request a copy via email, please contact us at

Delivering the Tools Necessary to Enhance Operational Capabilities and Protect Our Nation

Major General Leroy R. Goff III (R), U.S. Army, presents on:Creating technology to meet field requirements and operationsCommercial case study on delivering actionable intelligenceHow to excel in Data-Driven decision making?To request a copy via email, please contact us at

Are Cybersecurity and Interoperability the Missing Links in the Blockchain?

Anil John, Technical Director of Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP) Science and Technology Directorate, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, presents on:Determining if Blockchain is the right technology for a high value applicationsSecurity and Interoperability lessons from DHS Blockchain R&D and ImplementationsPreventing walled gardens to ensure a secure, competitive and interoperable...

Exclusive Content

A Conversation with Chief W. Barnett Jones, Chief Security and Integrity Officer, Great Lakes Water Authority

Ahead of the Critical National Infrastructure Summit, taking place this September 15th - 17th in Washington D.C., we spoke with Chief W. Barnett Jones, Chief Security and Integrity Officer at Great Lakes Water Authority. In this exclusive Q&A, Chief Jones shares insights on:Top objectives/priorities for Great Lakes Water Authority in...

The Top Priorities for Critical Infrastructure in 2019

Ahead of the summit, we took an in-depth look at the top critical infrastructure priorities for:Industry Sectors (Electric, Water, and Transit) The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, and Department of TransportationNational security and economic prosperity are becoming increasingly dependent on critical infrastructure, which is at risk from...

Convergence eBook: The Path to Cyber-Physical Resilience

This eBook gives insights into the integration of cyber and physical technologies. More specifically, this focuses in on the top business drivers for integration, the top three priorities among utilities executives, the latest developments, ongoing security projects, an outlook on physical and cyber security strategies, and much more. To request...

Exclusive Interview with Mary Doswell, Former Senior Vice President of Dominion Resources Inc.

In this exclusive interview with Mary Doswell, former Senior Vice President of Dominion Resources Inc, shares insights on:The benefits and costs of convergenceThe cyber vulnerabilities most present within power gridsHow to strengthen cyber security programsHow remote capabilities can be improvedWhat the future of power grids will look like, especially with...


Cyber Threat Data Sharing Needs Refinement

Technologies are being interconnected and integrated onto the nation’s electric grid to decrease weaknesses. However, these physical and computerized elements multiply the number of access points for cyber risks, making protection of the grid challenging. If done correctly, sharing cyber threat information eliminates the chances for one cyber threat or...

HySecurity: Securing Critical Infrastructure for over 35 Years

HySecurity teams with many Security Integrators whom have extensive Critical Infrastructure perimeter security experience. These teams contract with company project teams to offer site-specific perimeter security design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and service expertise. They deliver a vast array of security technologies selected to meet each project’s unique requirements, and apply...

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Critical National Infrastructure: Past Attendee List - Sponsorship

Take a look at the experts that have attended the 2019 Critical National Infrastructure Summit. Don’t miss your opportunity to meet face-to-face with senior thought leaders at the 2020 Critical National Infrastructure Summit.