Bruce Potter

Chief Information Security Officer Expel

Bruce Potter, CISO

Bruce Potter is Expel’s ( chief information security officer (CISO). He’s responsible for cyber risk management and ensuring the secure operations of Expel’s services. He also remains perpetually frustrated that employees pronounce CISO not-the-way-he-wants. Previously, Bruce co-founded Ponte Technologies, a cybersecurity research and engineering company that worked with organizations ranging from hedge funds to intelligence agencies. Bruce sold Ponte Technologies to the KeyW Corporation where he served as CTO for two years.

In another life, Bruce founded the Shmoo Group and helps run the yearly hacker conference, ShmooCon (, in Washington, DC. Bruce has co-authored several books and written numerous articles on security (or the lack thereof). He is a regular speaker at conferences including DefCon, Blackhat, and O’Reilly Security as well as private events at the United States Military Academy, the Library of Congress and other government agencies.

Day One: Monday, May 18, 2020

Monday, May 18th, 2020

3:40 PM The Balancing Act: Optimizing Tech in Security Operations Management

Building a scalable team is hard enough. Figuring out how to get your team to work in harmony with the tech in your security portfolio is a challenge that leaves even the best of us scratching our heads (or ripping our hair out). In this presentation, Expel CISO Bruce Potter will talk about how you can create efficiency through the way your team works with tech

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