We are excited to offer our sponsors a Virtual Exchange during this tumultuous time. 

Tony Rocha

Tony Rocha
Sponsorship Director - Cyber Exchanges
P: 813.658.2545

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We are thrilled that a variety of our CISO August in-person Sponsors will be partaking as Sponsors in our two-day Virtual Exchange. While this has been a pivot that neither IQPC Exchange or our IQPC August Sponsors were anticipating or hoping for, we are confident that we will still be able to live up to our standard of gaining incredible, exclusive access to decision-makers in the Cyber space.

If you were NOT a prior CISO August Sponsor and would like to learn more about opportunities to participate in the new 100% online CISO Exchange this upcoming August 24-25, please contact Tony Rocha.

Please stay tuned for more information on the groundbreaking features we will be implementing for our interactive, digital Exchange.