Welcome to the next generation of C-Suite Boardroom Meetings

Taking place in Q2 this year, Cyber Security Hub is delighted to host a series of high-level CISO boardrooms, designed to accelerate Cyber Security priorities and defend the world's biggest businesses and organisations against the continued threat of attack and disruption.

Focusing on the core principles of detection, response and recovery, the series will outline the immediate needs of the CISO community as they tackle the challenges laid down by remote working, BYOD cultures and advances in malicious cyber activity.

These Boardrooms- featuring leading, global CISO profiles- offer solution providers the opportunity to get in front those that matter most, in an intimate and productive online setting.

Boardroom Participants

Why sponsor a CISO Boardroom?

Gain exclusive access to the latest challenges that CISOs are facing, in an intimate, collaborative environment
Discover what your competitors are doing and learn how to best approach a C-level executive through feedback, delivered directly from CISOs
Shorten your sales cycle and change a ‘no’ from a CISO, into a ‘yes’

Enhance your relationships with new and existing customers