Troy Kaster

Troy Kaster is Vice President of Commercial Sales at Penguin Computing, where he designs, builds, and integrates customized end-to-end technology solutions to address the specific needs of Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, startups, and public sector institutions. Troy prides himself on his ability to apply technology to solve a wide array of problems, from helping weather teams achieve earlier and more accurate detection of natural disasters to improving industrial equipment operation and maintenance for the energy and manufacturing industries. His position and experiences provide a unique perspective on the COVID19-driven challenges his customers are facing. Troy has held  positions in product management, sales, partner management, go-to-market strategy, and professional services for Motorola, Emerson Network Power, Artesyn Embedded Technologies, and SMART Embedded Computing; and as a 5TONIC steering committee member, he has collaborated with companies like Telefonica, Intel, and Ericsson to accelerate 5G technology adoption. Troy resides in Gilbert, Arizona. 

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