Jonathan Andresen

I’m a high energy sales-focused marketing leader with innovation, depth and breadth.

I have a solid background driving product marketing, evangelizing and go-to-market strategy, combined with strengths in traditional marketing management such as lead generation, channel marketing, and PR/awareness developed over 20 years in IT (17 in Asia). I have product level expertise in mobility, cloud computing, and enterprise security. I enjoy writing, collaborating, speaking and developing compelling content.

Marketing should be a FORCE of positive energy, supporting SALES MOMENTUM and scale in the market through innovative campaigns, activities and messaging.

Presenting product and business value propositions comes naturally to me. Raising corporate profile across IT leaders, partners and sales teams gives me real satisfaction. At every opportunity, I meet with end users to ensure our marketing is resonating well.

I lead by example. I'm good at building and managing high performance cross-cultural teams across Asia (ANZ, ASEAN, India, Korea, Greater China and Japan). I work hard to ensure all team members are motivated, recognized and share in success.

If I could leave you with one phrase that resonates with me it would be: Raise the bar.

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